Bikini ladies

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Bikini ladies

When I painted the Bikini Babe and created Beach lady, I wanted to paint an well- build lady for the known fact that well-builed woman don't get all the attention they deserve.

Everywhere you walk,drive. When you watch television it's always the skinny woman that gets noticed.

I feel all woman are beautiful.
That we should get notice on the brains and not beauty, but since that will never happen, I focused on well-build woman for they to hardly ever get noticed.

Here is an interesting fact on:
Bikini babe: The medium used for it was material paint and......
Beach lady was the same art piece but with an photoshop edited background.

The history behind The Fat Lady...
.by The Fat Lady Restaurant & Bar on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 12:16am.The Fat Lady Restaurant and Bar first opened its doors on May 14, 1970. It was the creation of Louis and Patricia Shaterian, who, along with their three daughters, Patricia, Karen, and Cori, started this family tradition. The current owners are Jerry and Patricia Rossi. The third generation are now taking their places in this family tradition.

Why the Fat Lady? People always ask, "How did the Fat Lady get its name?" Well, there are two stories. Fact and legend. Fact has it that when Louis Shaterian owned the original Overland House, a superior court judge told him about a nude painting his son had painted of a pleasingly plump lady. This aroused Lou's curiosity. He was taken to view the painting and upon seeing it, decided it was definitely unique but he wasn't quite sure what to do with it. The judge suggested it should hang in the new restaurant Lou and his wife, Patricia, were about to open and thus became the namesake of the Fat Lady Bar and Restaurant.